Playlist 03. Jungle

House / TEch House / Deep House / Minimal / Electronica, Downtempo

If you grew up in a tiny village in the Austrian mountains like I did, it’s probably hard to imagine falling in love with summer when you live in a big city. Back at home I spent hot days in the garden or at one of our beautiful nearby lakes with crystal clear water.


Playlist 02. Beautiful Darkness


If you are a lover of dark dancefloors and gloomy sounds this playlist is for you.
One may turn up the volume!


In Bed: Trend Combination

These days fishnet tights are celebrating their big comeback and finally they are also a key-piece of my closet!

Berlin being super cold at the moment, my best friend and I decided that the photoshoot should best take place in our cozy flat.


How It All Began (and My Top 5 Techno Sets)

I don’t even know why my best friend and I went to electronic music clubs for the first several times. Mostly, it happened accidentally. The only planned techno night at the time was supposed to be at Sisyphos. The reason: they had a slide! Of course, we assumed – without any serious evidence – that it had to be at least a 4km theme park slide.


Allblackeverything Club Outfit

When it comes to choosing the right club outfit – for me it definitely has to be black! Of course I also wore other colors in the past but recently my outfits are 90% black no matter which club I go to.

The tricky part is to choose an outfit which will keep you warm enough during queuing and still prepares your for tropical temperatures inside.